the walking writer

I’m not really a big fan of comic books. Most of my exposure to comic books have come through other mediums, like movies and cartoons. When I was a kid, I loved the Superman movies. Unfortunately, I don’t think those movies have aged terribly well, but they were fun in their day. I used to faithfully watch the old Wonder Woman show with Lynda Carter. I also loved the Supergirl movie, despite how silly and campy it is. My husband and I watched it a few years ago (he had never seen it) and it was just as bad as I knew it would be. I will admit that I still love the moment when she first realizes she can fly. Who wouldn’t love to be able to fly?

Well, Supergirl returns to the screen again, this time on CBS’ fall lineup. Yesterday, the channel released a lengthy preview for the show. I started rolling my eyes as soon as they showed Kara walking through the city, balancing coffee and looking exactly like an opening for a romantic comedy. Fortunately, the tone changed and suddenly improved when she started to fly. Yay for flying!

A few other thoughts:

  • Calista Flockhart’s character seemed very annoying. Yes, that type of character worked great in “The Devil Wears Prada,” but Flockhart is not Meryl Streep.
  • I just don’t care about office politics.
  • I really like the actress who plays Kara. From what little I’ve seen of the comics, Supergirl has always seemed like a more fun version of Superman. The actress definitely brings a sense of fun and lightness. She actually enjoys her powers.
  • The special effects amaze me considering it’s just the first season of a new television show.
  • The beginning of the trailer really does remind me of Saturday Night Live’s Black Widow trailer.
  • So, a possible love triangle…zzz.

I think the show is definitely worth watching, at least the first few episodes. I’m hopeful that the preview isn’t a full representation of what the show will be like, especially with regards to the office parts. It saddens me that the female superheroes from the comics are woefully unrepresented in other media forms, leaving fans to take what little they can get. I still can’t believe that we won’t see Wonder Woman (in her own movie) on the big screen until 2017! I can only hope that this show will be the start of more female superheroes on the screen.