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It’s been awhile since I’ve posted anything here. I’ve felt compelled to write about politics, yet I’m so disgusted by everything that has happened since Trump was elected that it’s not easy to pick just one thing to write about. But with today’s unveiling of the Senate’s “healthcare” bill, it’s time to break the wall in my head and say something.

I’m in amazement at how utterly devoted to destruction and harm the Republican Party seems to be. Take climate change. It’s not enough for them to just refuse to believe in climate change and do nothing to stop it. No, they actively seek to harm the environment instead. Leaving the Paris Agreement, rolling back protections for whales, attempting to eliminate rules to protect our water, and the list goes on. The same story with healthcare: instead of just keeping the status quo, Republicans want to rip insurance out from under the feet of 20+ million people and make the remaining insurance options offer far less than previously. All for the benefit of the richest people in our country.

A group of protestors met in the hallway by Mitch McConnell’s office today to protest this disgusting bill. Many of them are disabled and use wheelchairs. Mitch McConnell wanted them gone. So they were removed from their wheelchairs, carried off of the grounds and arrested. It was a shameless display that I hope haunts Mitch and the rest of the Republican Party.

The Republican Party has made it clear today: if you don’t make millions, if you aren’t white, if you aren’t in perfect health, if you aren’t a man, they don’t care about you at all. They will never care, and the only way to change things is to get them out of office.

It’s extremely easy to tune out the news; I’ve had to take a few breaks myself. But if you’re angry like I am, don’t tune out forever. We need everyone in order to change things and reverse the endless list of bad decisions that have been made by Trump and his associates.

Stay strong. When things get tough, look for whatever small joys or humor you can find. It’s hard, but I believe there are enough us who are feeling angry that we will be able to change things.

If I could express one thought to all of my fellow Americans, it would simply be this: Stop giving into fear.

I remember 9/11 quite vividly. Many of us were afraid then, and with good reason. Yet I feel like the fear the public has now far exceeds the level of fear back then. Why is this? Well, it probably has something to do with the Republican party turning fear into a commodity in order to gain votes.

Please remember that the travel ban (which fortunately is currently suspended) did not ban anyone from the countries where the 9/11 terrorist attackers hailed from. That should give you pause. Please also remember that the country knows a few things already about vetting immigrants; no one was allowed to just saunter in without any checks.

And lastly, please stop watching Fox News. Turn off the television, get away from the constant fear mongering, and enjoy your life.

I’m not a big user of social media. I had a Twitter account for my blog once, but I typically used my tweets just to rant about stupid stuff; I ended up deleting it. I do have a Pinterest account, but I tend to think of that as a collection of pretty pictures, not really a place to socialize. I’ve had to spend plenty of hours writing about social media for clients, however, so I’ve certainly spent enough time on social media networks to understand the basics. That said, there are still plenty of things that make no sense to me on social media:

Parents Who Overshare Details About Their Kids

This one is worthy of a series of blog posts, but I’ll keep it short. I do not understand parents who must share every detail of their children. Although there are many issues with this (including people who use innocent pictures for inappropriate purposes), I tend to focus on the following: the children pictured have no say in what their parents are publishing. Years down the road, these kids are not going to be too happy that pictures of them sitting on the toilet are all over the Internet for their employers and significant others to see.

Hashtagging Everything to Death

Hashtags are useful things; they help people find content and help you organize your own content. However, using a dozen hashtags for each Instagram or Twitter post is ridiculous and looks like spam.

Using Social Media to Talk to Your Significant Other

Don’t you have your partner’s telephone number? Sure, maybe you’re at work and can’t use your phone, but can’t you just send an email instead? Why do the rest of us need to witness your conversation about your dinner plans?

Missionary Work

I use Facebook solely to keep in touch with my family, not to read religious news and inspirational quotes. It’s your Facebook, so of course you’re free to do what you want with it. But is it really worth annoying your family members just to share stuff like this? If you really want to post religious stuff and have discussions, consider starting a blog for it.

People Who Retweet Constantly

I’ve seen Twitter accounts that seem to serve little purpose except to retweet other people’s Tweets over and over. It surprises me to see accounts with such little original content managing to have thousands of followers.

Maybe this list just proves that I’m too old and uncool for social media. Oh well.

Once upon a time, a thrift store moved into a commercial building near my apartment. For a few months, we endured the loud construction noises and the constant flow of trucks. Once that was over, it seemed the worst part of living near a thrift store was behind us. How wrong we were. In the months since, we have discovered the following joys:


Thrift stores are unbelievably loud. If you live near the dumpster area where they trash the items they won’t sell, you’ll endure hours of noise, ranging from breaking glass to clanging metal. There’s also the constant presence of trucks bringing and taking loads back and forth. The constant noise is extra painful during the summer when we regularly leave our windows open. There’s nothing as fun as being woken up at 2AM when the trash truck comes to collect the garbage from the dumpster.


Litter is just a fact of city life. However, this particular thrift store seems to excel at attracting litter and ignoring it. Occasionally, I’ll see some poor employee making a vain effort to clean up the sidewalk. But the litter will quickly return the next day. For whatever reason, my fellow citizens also see this thrift store as a great place to randomly dump old stuff. I don’t know why these people can’t actually make it to the store to drop off the items; instead they just dump broken televisions and couches right on the sidewalk.

Late-Night Visits

This particular “perk” is something I never would have guessed, but it makes sense to me now. Basically, people tend to congregate around the dumpsters after hours, looking for anything of value. I’m not entirely sure what these individuals are looking for, but my guess would be mostly scrap metal and broken furniture that can be fixed. It’s always a bit surprising to look out the window and see people standing in a dumpster.


Thrift stores are popular and attract a wide range of people, from the broke college student looking for cheap furniture to the savvy online seller who wants to resell old books on eBay. This leads to an insane amount of traffic on our street. The building’s previous tenant never attracted this level of traffic.

To be clear, I have no real issue with thrift stores in particular. They serve their purpose and are helpful to a great deal of people. However, I can safely say that they make terrible neighbors.