the walking writer

The weather forecast in my area for the next week is looking pretty warm. I live in a region where hot summer temperatures are fairly rare; many houses, apartments and businesses do not have air conditioning. When a heat wave arrives, our citizens tend to anguish and groan. These strong emotions tend to find their way onto social media, blogs and news sites. Oh yes, the Internet is full of silly arguments over stupid stuff. But, I think it’s hard to beat the fights that break out over the weather.

How you feel about certain weather is the same as how you feel about certain movies or food. If you hate ketchup, do you really expect to get into a big fight with your brother, the ketchup lover and defender of the world? Hardly. I don’t deny this can happen, as I once knew someone who would argue with you about any of your personal preferences. However, it’s just not that common. So why do people argue about the weather?

I don’t have an answer. In this case, I can’t stand the heat. Even if I drink tons of water, I still end up getting headaches when my apartment reaches the upper 70s and higher. when it gets really warm, I have no choice but to leave my apartment and go hang out at a bookstore or some place with air conditioning. I don’t mind doing this on occasion, but I don’t really fancy spending an entire weekend at the mall. In addition, for some individuals, heat can cause a number of serious health problems, especially for the elderly.

If you love the heat, fine. I don’t see any reason for you to gloat or pick fights with people who prefer to be able to sit comfortably in their apartment. People have their reasons for not liking the heat, and it doesn’t make them whiny.

This morning, I ended up on a Wikihow page describing how to complete a simple task using your computer.  My favorite part of the article was the silly pictures describing how to complete each basic step.  For example, to illustrate the concept of using your credit card to pay for something online, the picture showed a woman reaching into her purse to get out her credit card.  Another picture showed her using her phone to call a company.

Amazing!  I never would have figured that out without those pictures!

The pictures did at least add some humor to an otherwise useless and uninformative page.  Despite the lack of actual meaningful content, over 12,000 people have visited that particular page.  I wish these “how to” sites would insist on quality information instead of ensuring each page has way more pictures than it actually needs.