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It’s hard to feel too hopeful about the state of the United States right now. Endless scandals, naked greed and outright lies have not managed to take down Donny or at least slow his administration’s path towards destroying the environment, schools, healthcare, science and so much more. It doesn’t surprise me that rich old white people are thrilled with this administration. Trump is basically printing money and handing it off to them. What surprises me is that his supporters with far less money continue to support him. What has he gotten you? Skyrocketing healthcare costs, higher taxes and increasing costs at the grocery store. But trying to make sense of people who to this day are still obsessed with Hillary Clinton is an impossible task, so I won’t bother. (Seriously, find a new hobby.)

Normally, I consider myself an optimist, but the past two years have truly tried my hope. Voting is our best option to alter the path before us. If you want to change things, then please register to vote and vote! Every election matters, even if you’re just voting on local issues. Even if you think you’re registered, it’s a good idea to check and make sure you’re still on the books. Election Day is just a few weeks away.

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