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If I could express one thought to all of my fellow Americans, it would simply be this: Stop giving into fear.

I remember 9/11 quite vividly. Many of us were afraid then, and with good reason. Yet I feel like the fear the public has now far exceeds the level of fear back then. Why is this? Well, it probably has something to do with the Republican party turning fear into a commodity in order to gain votes.

Please remember that the travel ban (which fortunately is currently suspended) did not ban anyone from the countries where the 9/11 terrorist attackers hailed from. That should give you pause. Please also remember that the country knows a few things already about vetting immigrants; no one was allowed to just saunter in without any checks.

And lastly, please stop watching Fox News. Turn off the television, get away from the constant fear mongering, and enjoy your life.

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