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Heart on a Beach

Simple love. Credit to Pixabay.

Once upon a time, I was a Mormon. I left the church many years ago, but some family members and in-laws remain as members. I have watched with hope as I’ve witnessed the changing attitudes within the church on LGBT issues. Although I am pleased to see that the younger generation is adopting attitudes similar to their non-Mormon peers, I am saddened to see that the church leadership still anchors themselves to outdated and unkind attitudes to people who are different than them. Recently, the church held its semi-annual General Conference in which these views were once again displayed publicly. Indeed, one of the church elders referred to non-heterosexual relationships as “counterfeit lifestyles.”

I wish I had the eloquent words to show those who adhere to this kind of thinking how much pain they are causing the people around them. I wish people could stop for a moment and ask themselves a simple question: “Why am I fighting against someone else’s right to love another human being?”

Although the lack of acceptance on the part of church leaders disappoints me, I am so happy to see the views of so many others changing. I have seen it in my own family, even those who are still faithful Mormons. It makes me so glad to see that more people are getting to experience the same happiness my husband and I enjoy each day, complete with full legal rights. Perhaps someday the church will change its views. If it does not, the world will simply leave it behind, found only in the history books. In the end, I believe that love will win.

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