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Over Thanksgiving weekend, Origin dropped the price of The Sims 4 significantly.  Since the cost was one of my concerns when the game originally was released, I took a chance and bought the game.  Although I have yet to play for a more than a bit here and there, I can say I’m enjoying the game and looking forward to upcoming expansions.  If you’re still on the fence about the game, here’s a look at what I’ve enjoyed most so far:

Sims 4 Screenshot

Beautiful day in the park.

Lovely Art Style

I adore the look of The Sims 4; I sometimes just stare at the houses, outdoor views and the Sims themselves. The pudding look from The Sims 3 is long gone, and the weird sameness of The Sims 2 is a forgotten memory. The cartoon style of the game fits perfectly. My only disappointment is that so far, the custom content for The Sims 4 is mostly done in a realistic style. Placing realistic hair styles and clothes into the cartoon world of the Sims is just weird to me. Hopefully there will be more Maxis-match custom content in the future.

Adjustable Speeds that Work!

In The Sims 3, changing the game speed to the fastest setting did little to actually speed it up. If my Sims were sleeping or off to work, I’d just sit there and watch the trees blow in the wind as I waited for something to happen. I probably had enough time to make a sandwich. In The Sims 4, however, the fastest speed is super fast and super smooth. When your Sims goes off to work, you only have to wait a minute or two before they’re back home. It’s amazing.

Create a Sim Screenshot

I could spend hours just making new Sims here.

Runs Like a Dream

My computer is over 6 years old, yet The Sims 4 runs quite well on my machine. I don’t have any of the issues I had with The Sims 3. It’s a true joy to watch a Sim walk from one place to another without a single stutter. The loading screens are brief on my computer.

More Realistic Behavior

One of my female Sims met a nice gentleman at a park, and I thought they might make a nice couple. He came over to her house, and it was a complete disaster. They spent the whole time together feeling embarrassed by their behavior and conversation. I suppose I could have spent more time trying to get them to like each other, but I didn’t really feel like fighting their natural dislike for each other. It was an interesting moment that made the Sims feel a bit more real than they have in previous games.

Small Design Features

The Sims 4 is also full of design features that are minor but still add to the experience. For example, you can arrange clutter items (such as tissue boxes) in various places on dressers and other surfaces. You can hang up artwork at different heights on a wall. You can even resize objects in your home to fit them more to your taste. These little features can help make houses that actually look realistic.

Overall, I’m satisfied with my purchase. If you’re still trying to decide whether to buy the game, I suggest waiting for it to be on sale again and picking it up then.

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