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I’m not terribly great at shopping. Christmas usually inspires total panic and dread as I anxiously shop online and at the stores for the perfect gift. It’s taken me years to let go of the idea of finding the most awesome gift for each member of my family and instead just find something they will like and actually want to use. One of my kitchen cupboards is unfortunately home to a couple of gifts that I’ve only used once and don’t know what to do with.

Fortunately, this year, I managed to convince my family to do a gift exchange instead of what we’ve previously been doing. Instead of buying gifts for every single member of the family, I only have to find a gift for one household. I had the bad luck of getting the one household that includes a family member who is impossible to shop for. What do you get someone who seemingly has everything he wants and also has very few hobbies? Bored and frustrated, I started Googling for gift lists for such people. I was not amused when I came across a list that include about a dozen ideas that cost thousands of dollars.  Helpful? No, not really.

So what do you give someone who seems to have everything they want or need? The best I can come up with is gift cards for activities (such as movie theaters) or tickets to special events. The important thing to remember is that it really doesn’t matter and it’s not worth stressing over. As long as you put some effort into finding a gift, your recipient will enjoy it.

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