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Based on the reviews I’ve read of the Sims 4, I think it sounds like a decent addition to the Sims family. I’m quite fond of the graphics style, and I think the graphics are a big improvement over Sims 3. The emotions and multitasking feature sound like good additions that add more depth to the game. I’ve also enjoyed spending a bit of time playing with the Create a Sim demo for the Sims 4. With that said, however, I’m delaying my purchase for now for the following reasons:

Loss of the Open World

I understand why the open world went away after the Sims 3: it was slow to load for many people (myself included). However, lag aside, I love the feel of an open world. It’s amazing to have your Sim just go anywhere you want without a loading screen. The open world was also great for people who love to randomly walk around their towns collecting rocks and bugs.

No Story Progression

The Sims 3 introduced a cool new feature: story progression. Essentially, this feature helped keep your town alive even if you were just focusing on one family. Your family’s neighbors would age, get married, have kids, get a new job, etc. In the Sims 4, your neighbors age but they don’t have kids. Instead, the Sims the game creates will simply age up and die. Although the game will add new random families to your town, you won’t have any multi-generational families living alongside your family.

The Cost

$60 is a little steep for a base Sims game that is a little light on content. I think I’ll wait until a price drop or sale around the holidays before I pick it up. I’m also waiting to see what the first expansion pack will be.

No Toddlers

Toddlers aren’t that big of a deal to me, but I still think it’s silly that the game doesn’t have them. I’m curious to see if they will eventually add toddlers back into the game and if it will be via a free patch or an expansion pack.

Plenty Left to Do in the Sims 3

My final reason for my delayed purchase of Sims 4 is that I still have plenty to do in the Sims 3. Not long after I purchased the Sims 3, I took a break when I started playing World of Warcraft. Warcraft’s loading screen was so much shorter than the Sims 3, so I ended up taking quite a long break from the game. Now that I’ve quit WoW (for reasons worthy of a post eventually), I’ve started playing other games. I still have yet to experience many of the things in the various Sims 3 expansions.

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