the walking writer

As I mentioned in the first post I wrote on this blog, the first blog post is usually the hardest to write. The first post you write after taking an unexpected absence is also pretty tough. In my case, however, this little blog is just a experiment and something to provide a few minutes of entertainment here and there. Thus, I don’t feel too bad about taking a break.

I admit that I sometimes suffer from writer’s block. If you do as well, you’ve probably read numerous lists of things that may or may not help you break through the block. I have my own list of things that actually does help:

  • Do something else. If forcing yourself to write is just making you frustrated, it’s time to do something else. Take a walk, watch a television show or play a video game.
  • Read. I find that reading the words of other writers is a great way to feel inspired. No, don’t steal, but allow yourself to absorb the words and feel the inspiration behind them.
  • Write something unrelated. If you’re working on an article for a client about pest control and struggling to hit the requested word count, write something else. Switching gears to an entirely different topic helps me unblock my brain.

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