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I enjoy skimming the “geek” section on Pinterest; there’s no shortage of fun “Doctor Who” images and other goodies. However, based on the general content I see in that area, I think I have a few unpopular opinions on the show:

I don’t like Amy.

I think Amy started out fine as a character. But the “girl who waited” theme started to get old quickly. I never really believed how powerful the supposed relationship between the Doctor and Amy was. For the record, I think Karen Gillan is a great actress, I think she just wasn’t handed an interesting role.

The relationship between the Doctor and River Song bores me.

I just don’t get the amazing sense of love that I’m supposed to pick up from these two. I think part it may just be that I’m honestly not that fond of Matt Smith; I think the chemistry was more obvious between with Ten and River Song. I was just glad when that story was over.

I like Clara.

I think Clara gets an unfair amount of dislike because she was the next companion after Amy. Is Clara my favorite companion of all time? No, my favorite companion is Donna Noble. But I think she has the potential to be interesting, if her character gets some storylines of her own in the future.

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