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I enjoy skimming the “geek” section on Pinterest; there’s no shortage of fun “Doctor Who” images and other goodies. However, based on the general content I see in that area, I think I have a few unpopular opinions on the show:

I don’t like Amy.

I think Amy started out fine as a character. But the “girl who waited” theme started to get old quickly. I never really believed how powerful the supposed relationship between the Doctor and Amy was. For the record, I think Karen Gillan is a great actress, I think she just wasn’t handed an interesting role.

The relationship between the Doctor and River Song bores me.

I just don’t get the amazing sense of love that I’m supposed to pick up from these two. I think part it may just be that I’m honestly not that fond of Matt Smith; I think the chemistry was more obvious between with Ten and River Song. I was just glad when that story was over.

I like Clara.

I think Clara gets an unfair amount of dislike because she was the next companion after Amy. Is Clara my favorite companion of all time? No, my favorite companion is Donna Noble. But I think she has the potential to be interesting, if her character gets some storylines of her own in the future.

The weather forecast in my area for the next week is looking pretty warm. I live in a region where hot summer temperatures are fairly rare; many houses, apartments and businesses do not have air conditioning. When a heat wave arrives, our citizens tend to anguish and groan. These strong emotions tend to find their way onto social media, blogs and news sites. Oh yes, the Internet is full of silly arguments over stupid stuff. But, I think it’s hard to beat the fights that break out over the weather.

How you feel about certain weather is the same as how you feel about certain movies or food. If you hate ketchup, do you really expect to get into a big fight with your brother, the ketchup lover and defender of the world? Hardly. I don’t deny this can happen, as I once knew someone who would argue with you about any of your personal preferences. However, it’s just not that common. So why do people argue about the weather?

I don’t have an answer. In this case, I can’t stand the heat. Even if I drink tons of water, I still end up getting headaches when my apartment reaches the upper 70s and higher. when it gets really warm, I have no choice but to leave my apartment and go hang out at a bookstore or some place with air conditioning. I don’t mind doing this on occasion, but I don’t really fancy spending an entire weekend at the mall. In addition, for some individuals, heat can cause a number of serious health problems, especially for the elderly.

If you love the heat, fine. I don’t see any reason for you to gloat or pick fights with people who prefer to be able to sit comfortably in their apartment. People have their reasons for not liking the heat, and it doesn’t make them whiny.

How to Make The Sims 3 Run Faster On Your Computer

Is your game running slow? A few quick tips might help your game run as fast as this Sim!

The Sims 3 brought a lot of new features and customization options to the franchise, including the option to customize the color of each piece of furniture. In addition, the game loads your entire neighborhood at once, eliminating the need for extra loading screens as you play. These amazing features, however, resulted in creating more work for your computer to do when you play. Even if you have a high-end computer, you may still face slow loading times and lag during gameplay. Fortunately, there are a few remedies that you can try to fix your issues.

1. Install Overwatch

Overwatch is a mod that works in the background to fix a number of issues that can cause lag in your game. For example, the mod can repair corrupted skill lists and purge missing coworkers from your Sim’s relationship list. The mod also cleans up your Sim’s town, including removing excessive vehicles and fixing stuck characters. Some players have experience significant improvements in their game’s lag after installing this mod.

2. Play Lag-Free Towns

Some towns have more lag than others, usually due to routing problems. Bridgeport, the town that game with “Late Night,” has elevators, subways, tons of vehicles, big buildings and a lot of other features to constantly process. If I play in Bridgeport, my game is almost unplayable. The same is true of Isla Paradiso, the town that came with “Island Paradise.” Moonlight Falls, from “Supernatural,” and the default towns that game with the base game seem to run quite well for me.

3. Uninstall Custom Content

Custom content is a great way to spice up your game with new clothes and hair. Unfortunately, it can also bog down your game’s performance. Try uninstalling your custom content and then playing the game. If you notice a big improvement, you probably found your problem. If you still want to keep using custom content, try installing each piece one at a time; individual pieces of custom content may be causing problems. Mods that significantly impact gameplay may also cause lag.

4. Exit Unnecessary Programs

Running “The Sims 3” while keeping your web browser and a few other programs will surely impact the game’s performance. Before you start playing, exit all of your other programs. Look for programs that may be running in the background as well. Resetting your computer before you start playing will close background programs and may help your computer run more smoothly.

5. End Background Processes

If you’ve ever pulled up your task manager, you may have seen a long list of processes running in the background. Some of these processes may be using up precious memory and affecting how “The Sims 3” runs. There are programs that you can download to help you temporarily stop these processes while you play your game. Personally, I prefer a DIY approach. After bring up the task manager, I look for programs I know I can close without any negative side effects. For example, “Windows Media Player Network Sharing” is not something that I need while I play the game. If you don’t know what a particular process is, use the Internet to see if it’s safe to disable while you play the game.

6. Turn Down Your Settings

Turning down your game settings to the lowest will make a difference in your game’s playability. The downside, of course, is that you’ll be looking at low quality textures on your Sims and their surroundings. Before your drop all settings to low, consider trying just a few at a time. Turning down reflection quality, for example, won’t ruin your Simming experience too much and may cause a small improvement in how the game runs. Other settings that are less important include tree detail and lighting and shadows.

7. Play a Smaller Family

When I played the Immortal Challenge, I noticed my game grew noticeably slower as I added new generations to my family. Having 8 people in a family (the maximum you can have without mods) forces the game to track a lot of information all at once. If your game is getting slow with a big family, consider moving some members out.

8. Uninstall Expansions You Don’t Use

If you don’t find yourself playing with the dogs and cats from the “Pets” expansion, consider removing it completely from your game. The fewer expansions that you have installed, the better your game will run. Some expansions are noticeably more taxing than others. “Showtime,” for example, added some careers but didn’t add many changes to the base game. Seasons, however, introduces new graphical effects that can cause lag.

9. Miscellaneous Small Fixes

These small tips may make a small difference in how your game runs:

  • Reduce the use of complex decorative items that can slow your game, including fountains, pools and sprinklers.
  • Excessive amounts of trees may also slow down your game.
  • Regularly clean out your Sims’ inventories so that the game has fewer items to constantly track.
  • Disable memories in the game settings. Again, this gives the game less data to constantly monitor while you play. You can find this option under General Settings.

10. Upgrade Your Computer

This is hardly the tip anyone wants to hear, unless you have a few hundred dollars lying around and don’t mind trying your luck with upgrading. Some Sim fans have reported that even with their high-end gaming computers, they still can’t run The Sims 3 properly. Unfortunately, “The Sims 3” is just not optimized well. If you do want to upgrade, spend some time researching known computer specs that run “The Sims 3” well. On Carl’s Sim Guide, you can find a whole thread dedicated to helping people pick out a computer to play The Sims 3.

I’ve been playing The Sims series since the first game came out 14 years ago and loved every minute of it. I was so excited when The Sims 3 came out. However, due to the fact that it didn’t run that well on my computer and I got completely sucked into World of Warcraft, I didn’t actually end up playing it that much. After unsubscribing from WoW and uninstalling the game a few months ago, I decided to pull out The Sims 3 and give it another shot. Fortunately, I discovered that with a few mods, the game is actually fairly playable on my computer. I’ve also picked up a few more expansions (quite cheap these days) and even got my husband to start playing the game. Now that I’m back into the series, I’ve been following The Sims 4 news cautiously, and I was very surprised to learn that toddlers won’t be in the base game.

Yes, an entire age phase will not be in the base game. True, toddlers didn’t exist in The Sims 1, but it seems amazing to me that they would remove an entire age bracket that has been in each base game since. Stripping a core feature such as toddlers from the base game seems a bit crazy to me. It’s still unclear whether toddlers will come in a future patch, an expansion pack, or never at all. I really don’t know what the developers are thinking. I am still interested in The Sims 4, but it’s not a release day purchase for me. This news just to reinforces my opinion to wait and see what happens with the game.

In the meantime, enjoy this rather amusing comic I found on this subject:


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