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I never really feel comfortable writing an entire review for a book that I didn’t finish. I’m sure a few that I quit may have had some redeeming element in the end, but I just couldn’t stand to read them long enough to find out. So instead of dedicated reviews, here’s a few books that I tried to read recently but just couldn’t finish. I don’t make it a habit to give up on books, but I also refuse to waste my time on a novel that I’m suffering to read.

1. “The Casual Vacancy”
Like many other Harry Potter fans, I really wanted to read whatever J.K. Rowling wrote next. I eagerly read the reviews after the book’s release and was pretty disappointed. No, the harsh language and very adult story lines didn’t trouble me. To me, the book just sounded like one depressing story with nothing to enjoy, not even bits of dark humor or one character who isn’t completely horrible. So, I didn’t bother to pick the book up until it was available at my local library as an e-book. I tried to read it, I really did. I think I made it through about half the book before I gave up. Due to the fact that the book was written by Rowling, I think plenty of people wanted to like the book and kept reading with the hope that it would improve. We all know that life just sucks sometimes and things aren’t always happy, so we certainly don’t expect every book we read to be full of rainbows and unicorns. Unfortunately, this book had absolutely nothing positive to offer, not even the slightest hint of hope to leave you with a shadow of a smile.

2. “The Night Circus”
“The Night Circus” is a wildly popular book and is set to become a film. Due to the positive press about this book, I picked it up eagerly. While the book does have pretty language and an interesting premise, I felt that nothing really happened in the book. I kept waiting for something to happen and was disappointed. Frustrated, I checked some reviews online to see if the book ever really picks up. The answer I found resulted in me returning the book without finishing it.

3. Serena (P.S.)”
Reading a few reviews of this novel probably would have stopped me from ever picking this book up. Although this book has been out for a number of years, it has surged in popularity due to the upcoming release of a movie version. After reading about the film, I thought the book sounded like a good idea. However, the dreadful cruelty that occurs in the first pages of the book pushed me to check out some reviews before I continued. Once I learned there was still plenty of more cruelty to come, with some of it directed at animals, I decided to abandon the book.

4. “Cat on the Edge”
This book started out with some intriguing elements. Basically, it’s a mystery novel starring a talking cat who has the intelligence of a human. Yeah, once you get past that, you might think you’re ready for anything the book might throw at you. However, I think I started losing interest when the main cat called his owner to let him know he was fine. It was just a little too weird for me.

5. “Divergent”
“Divergent” is another insanely popular young adult novel that is set to become a movie. The book features a pretty boring world that is split into five factions representing various human characteristics. That particular aspect borrowed a little too much from “Harry Potter” for my tastes. Supposedly, these factions are responsible for peace in the world, though it’s never really explained how this works. The main character of the book, Beatrice, is a pretty unlikeable character who only gets more annoying when she leaves her family behind to join the “cool” faction.

It’s never fun to put down a book after already investing some time (and potentially money) in it. Fortunately, there’s always something even better to read out there.

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