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My former church excommunicated one of its members today. Excommunicated, in this case, means this individual can no longer call herself a member of the church. What was the great crime that caused this result? Simply put, Kate Kelly was excommunicated because she wanted women to have the same rights within the church as the men enjoy.

On the surface, it seems a little odd to me that I care at all about this as I no longer believe in any religion. However, I can understand the pain all too well that many of Kelly’s supporters are feeling tonight. I felt a similar pain one day, many years ago, when I realized that the church wasn’t what I thought. It’s easy for me to take myself back some years ago when I was still a member and think about how I would have reacted upon reading this news. I think I would have been shocked to realize that this supposedly loving and open church was shutting its doors so cruelly to such a faithful member.

As of today, I no longer have any belief that the church will someday become a more open and tolerant place. This fact saddens me as both my husband and I still have many family members left in the church. I hope, however, that more people will see the church in a new and honest light after this event. Perhaps some members who struggle to fit in the church will begin their own journey to happiness that comes from believing in yourself and your fellow humans instead of religion.

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