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Many years ago, the Internet was filled with blog scripts covering every programming language.  I remember spending hours comparing all of the available scripts before settling on one.  Greymatter was one of the first ones I remembered.  There were plenty of other popular options, including MoveableType and b2 (which later became WordPress).  These days, however, WordPress seems to be the king of blog scripts.  From major corporations to the tiniest personal weblog, WordPress is the choice for many users.

I’ve been using WordPress for years, probably not long after it first emerged from b2.  It does what I need it to do, and I’m familiar enough with it to do just about anything with it.  However, I think there is some room for improvement.  New users, in particular, probably feel intimidated by the backend of WordPress.  Even making a simple change to the formatting the main blog template requires coding knowledge or significant assistance.

However, to my knowledge, no other blog script has stepped up the challenge of dethroning WordPress.  In fact, with the rising popularity of social networks and the decline in self-hosted personal blogs, I wonder if anyone will ever try to become as popular as WordPress.  There are, to be sure, a few possibilities.  Textpattern, for example, still lives on, even without its original creator.  However, at the end of the day, I imagine many bloggers reach the same decision I’ve reached: I don’t want to trust my content to a blog script that may not exist in two or three years.  At least with WordPress,  I’m reasonably certain that updates will still keep rolling out for years to come.

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