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I’ve been in the freelance world long enough to have weathered through a few holiday seasons.  Without fail, no matter what industry your freelance work is in, your work flow will probably slow down or completely stop during the holidays.  I haven’t written anything for my main source of work since before Christmas; it’s a situation that I’m used to and expect each year.

Without fail, forums dedicated to freelance work will flood with posts wondering about the end of freelance work forever.  Rest assured, it doesn’t mean that at all.  Freelance is a tricky beast; you never really have any certainly about securing future work.  Anxiety during slow times is understandable.  I think this underscores the importance of having a number of different ways to make money through freelance work.  For writing, as an example, you could work on creating a portfolio or posting entries on your own blog during a slow period.  Yes, you probably won’t get any immediate money for rent and bills, but eventually that work will probably pay off.

In a week or two, if history is any indication, things will pick back up at most freelance gigs.

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