the walking writer

This morning, I ended up on a Wikihow page describing how to complete a simple task using your computer.  My favorite part of the article was the silly pictures describing how to complete each basic step.  For example, to illustrate the concept of using your credit card to pay for something online, the picture showed a woman reaching into her purse to get out her credit card.  Another picture showed her using her phone to call a company.

Amazing!  I never would have figured that out without those pictures!

The pictures did at least add some humor to an otherwise useless and uninformative page.  Despite the lack of actual meaningful content, over 12,000 people have visited that particular page.  I wish these “how to” sites would insist on quality information instead of ensuring each page has way more pictures than it actually needs.

Once upon a time, I had a Twitter account.  I enjoyed writing little random snippets about anything on my mind.  But I quickly discovered how much I dislike Twitter, from the random spam people who follow you to the obnoxious people Twitter wants you to follow.  After deleting that, I tried a tumblr.  However, it seemed a little silly to post my thoughts on a site I don’t own when I have a perfectly good one here.

Thus, this silly little site was born.  And thus ends the first post of this blog, the post that is always the hardest to write!